Telephone Sales Workshop

When you go to a telephone sales workshop, you want to know how to plan your workshop. Here are some great ways to plan a telephone sales workshop:

Be realistic. This is not a vacation. It is a business for you and your business partners. You need to make sure you are realistic about the effort it will take to get people to attend.

Know what to ask. Try to include an important question in every workshop about their learning process so that you can assess where they are and how much they have learned from the workshop.

Generate questions for the workshop leader to ask the group. Many of these questions may be off the wall. You might start with who they have met with before. Then why have they met with since the last workshop?

Learn about study materials to use when you begin the workshop. Some of these can be downloaded from the Internet.

Presentation ideas. How do you want them to learn? Use visuals, audio, and other tools to make the presentation as effective as possible. Focus on giving some history about the industry and how they can work together to create a great new company.

Role play a discussion with them. Try to schedule a time when all the participants can present and discuss issues related to the workshop.

Record the workshop for future reference. Make a CD or DVD to put out on sale for the workshop. Or make a recording that can be used for training purposes.

Make audio tapes and posters that can be sold to your group. Many workshops will give everyone that signs up a copy of the film to download onto a computer for personal use on a slide presentation to the rest of the company.

If you have an internal video presentation, have it made as well as the audio tapes or posters. It can be sold to those who had a workshop before you. Do not only sell the workshop DVD or CD; make the workshop available as a workbook to download or a workbook that can be printed off at your local printer.

Choose a place to sell your workshop. If you do not want to do it in person, you can find a book store or online retailer that specializes in sales to workshop attendees.

Your participants might have to pay for your workshop or they might get seminars fees, presentation fees, or workshop fees. You need to be able to make a profit off of them. For these reasons, if you do not plan on putting on a workshop every week, it is better to plan a workshop each month instead of every other month.

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